Accelerate all of your omics discoveries.

    You already generated the data. Now Watershed empowers you to uncover your own insights.

    Built from the ground up for biologists, our low-code platform enables you to test hypotheses and discover truths better and faster.

    Trusted by the world’s best biologists

    Your Data Lab exceeds all expectations... if I can use it, any biologist can use it.

    Assistant professor of otolaryngology, Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary
    Zero coding experience

    I’m looking forward to having my entire group try this product.

    Associate professor of cancer biology, Massachusetts General Hospital
    Basic coding experience

    Your platform accomplished more in 30 minutes than my bioinformatics collaborators did in 3 months.

    Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School
    Decades of computational experience

    Everything biologists need to get their insights

    Multiomics workflows

    A single, connected platform for multi-omics analysis.

    Don't build from scratch

    Our platform and team provides you with high-quality templates and guides to help you hit the ground running with your analysis.

    Faster iteration

    Change your analysis on the fly. Watershed's low-code approach provides more flexibility than standard pipeline workflows.

    Eliminate communication silos

    Why share just a static image with your team when you can share your entire analysis?

    Experience how software for biologists should feel like in the 21st century

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